Bidigitally - Technology Health Route Presents BDORT - Bidgital O-Ring Test - Larn The One-Second Energy Test - Learn In One Minute!

Learn how to do your testing, bidigitally, using BDORT, patented by Dr. Omura, benefiting all who use it.
You do not need to pay anyone to learn BDORT (Bidigital O-ring Test), although trained practitioners are best.
Because the bidigital o-ring test is so easy to learn, you can teach it to children to use for the rest of their lives. All food, beverages, clothing, buildings, people, and more, instantly tested, informing you if you being exposed to it will strengthen or weaken you. No exceptions that we know of as yet, even after all these years. There is no way that organized medicine is going to want YOU to know about testing everything bidigitally, with a simple, free test that profoundly hurts the income of anyone involved in formal medicine today. Nothing in the world, nothing you have ever encountered in your life is as bidigitally delicious as the BDORT, and its Marshall/Forbes successor, Quantum Reflex Analysis, known through increasingly wider circles as QRA. No test you have seen is as fast or as accurate.

Bidigitally, this is a compelling wakeup call. The BDORT test proves accurate immediately, and every time that the tester is strong. You've heard of any medical device that can do this?
You are bidigitally determining what organs or glands or tissues in your body are not strong, when you are bidigitally skilled, something that rarely takes more than a minute or two to learn, perhaps a thousand to master, as the tenets of the Plan For Living Success indicate.

Whether you learn only B-DORT by itself, one of the greatest inventions of all time, or move up to QRA training, developing your skills (bidigitally, of course), by which time you may well master at least the BDORT portion of QRA within 1,000 or so tries. Remember, BDORT is a one- or two-second test.The bidigital test is the multi-use tool you want to carry for the rest of your life.

The Technology Health Route searches for absolutes and near-absolutes in pursuit of universal secrets and shortcuts. Answering to no one but the truth, both the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route are irremediably entranced with the universal value of this bidigital test. There are dozens of uses for the bidigital test, if not more. Every conceivable arena of health, wealth, and others that no other tool can touch. B-DORT is the real thing, a game-changer of nothing less than epic proportions, as you shall quickly see when you see or experience your first, or your first five thousand bigital tests. Meaning builds into the phrase "bidigitally skilled," because at least eight or nine of every ten people of every age with working arms and legs can and will become bidigitally skilled, altering the entire courses of their lifetimes, no maybe's about it, and invariably for the better.

Diagnosis - Bidigitally

With a stunningly broad range of applications in diagnosis of approximately every known human health issue, prescription of treatment many times more precise than any other discovered, developed, or revealed method, the bidigital test enhances a repeatable evaluation of efficacy of treatment of most every condition identified with labels.

Bidigitally - Looking At The Bidigital O-Ring Test And Bacteria

Start with the most basic bacterial infections, which is to be expected when so many people eat food handled by other people, some six million per year to the emergency room just for what they perceive as food poisoning. Considering the hundreds of thousands of them who are admitted past emergency rooms from fecal bacteria content, how's that for an instant eighty percent reduction in any associated injuries, deaths, sicknesses just from this one human-caused, instantly preventable cause of so much expense.

Bidigitally Cardiac

Cardiac issues? Bidigitally, you get a fast, accurate answer. You do not need a group of professionals. You need a QCI vial and a bit of practice. Approximately every human you know is capable of learning the one-second bidgital test, and, better yet, how to use the bidgital test to both immediate and, incredibly, repeat benefit. The bidigital test is a lifetime tool that you get to carry forever and is worth more than a thousand visits and so much more.

Bidigitally - Allergies Or Even Simple Allergic Reactions - Gone in 3 weeks! - Learn QRA Test In A Minute

Allergic reactions? Not only are food and other allergies identified instantly, the Technology Health Route sees adequate proof that the allergies are, in almost every case, also correctible in some 21 or 22 days with nothing more than the QCI vial being in position when the allergen is brought within your electrical field. Instantly observable and provable. Has not been reported to fail in many hundreds of thousands of QRA protocols. Use of the QCI vial to correct allergic reactions is delightful, because it does not cure or heal or, technically even treat you. It does nothing more and nothing less than help your body already do what it is designed to do.

Pay attention. ONE HUNDRED of ONE HUNDRED naysayers or even doubters have not experienced QRA with a qualified QRA practitioner or they have powerful incentives, usually pecuniary, to pro-actively fight QRA. It takes so much money from the wrong places to put it back into yours.

The science will stun you, because of its simplicity, and instant proof. You need not believe anyone on either side of the apparent debate still in progress about whether or not BDORT is instantly powerful and rapidly proven. Use the bidigital test yourself. Test a building across the street, test your primary brain point, see if you are electrically encoded from all of the electronic pollution we are surrounded by. Dr. Cohen had an elderly couple in his office who managed to surprise the good doctor because neither of these two folks in their late 70's was electrically encoded. It left the doctor only to guess at best that both people have inordinately strong thyroids which have somehow, even bizarrely, proven apparently immune, or at least while in Dr. Cohen's office, to electrical pollution which inhibits proper thryoid function in most every human. This is a universal feature, not an occasion as with sickness or great gifts.

Even kids quickly learn the one-second test QRA takes seconds to learn, use it for LIFE!!
No contest, QRA is the most accurate test in life.
Learn to do QRA testing, for your food, drinks, etc.
Once learned, it's among your most powerful tools.
With practice, use it to test your entire body, as well.
Plus, test all vastu so that you can also remediate that.
Kids can quickly learn QRA, which means YOU can, too.
QRA practitioners teach you QRA basics in about a minute.
Even if you opt not to learn it, QRA practitioners can still help,
identifying your interference fields AND nutritional deficiencies,
for any recent health issues, or long-running or chronic problems,
not least of which, ANY issues that are not responding conventionally.
IMMEDIATELY see what foods, other substances make YOU test weak or strong

 YOU obtain instant proof that QRA testing is by far the most accurate of all.  
Not a single guess, only certainty: QRA yields instant evidence in front of your eyes.
That evidence is powerful:  You can go home and get identical results with your family.  
University-proven, medically patented, BDORT is the elegant test that wrought QRA testing.
One medical doctor with QRA serves more than 1,000 who are using invasive approaches.
Toxic prescriptions are not designed to heal, they aim only to suppress your symptoms.
Your habit of forming opinions before you know/do much is a great stumbling block.
Learn more, if only two or three new facts per day, and your mastery expands.
If you cannot consult a local QRA practitioner, which would be a big shame,
read & study these QRA mini-lessons throughout the various QRA sites.
You cannot learn less about anything, so, learn more, intentionally.

The more we learn, the wiser our decisions tend to be. Yes? No?

Family members are especially good to start QRA testing with,
not least because family members tend to keep us honest.

You're going to be astonished by what makes YOU test weak or strong.
In 19 years, throughout Dr. Cohen's three NYC clinics, AND since,
we've tested thousands of people. 100 of 100 are just astonished.
Yes, there are people who love to pretend to be jaded. Eyes tell!

You're encouraged to invest this minute or two into yourself.
You'll quickly be testing food, people, buildings, and more.

Treasure knowing what makes you strong or weak.

  Use QRA to test anything you can touch or see.  
QVials make EVERY thing they touch test strong.
Thankfully, QVials are helpful, but aren't necessary.
MisterShortcut Megaphotons are free for your life.
Learn more so that you might live more, naturally.

O-Ring - QRA One-Second Energy Test Instructions for Bidigitals
How much effort to pry a small bit of space,
as they fully resist? THAT's baseline strength.
QRA Instructions - Testing Sensitivities Bidigitally

Once ANY electrical device comes up against the body, EVERYONE tests weak.
Once you pinch an electrical power cord, you, like everyone, test weak.
This test is 5,000+ yrs old, and subject to YOUR instant proof!

QRA Test One Second Energy Testing QRA Instructions    O-ring Position Three Energy Testing Lesson
QRA Testing Instruction Lessons    QRA Test Final Position Bidigitally Assay Sensitivities Allergies

No, QRA testing is NOT 'basic muscle-testing', it's an assay of electrical or energetic cohesion.
BDORT and this QRA test are the only energy tests known to pass strict medical patent standard.

100 of 100 people are impressed when they personally do even a few one-second energy tests.
As respectfully as possible, NONE of us has any licit opinion until AFTER we do the QRA test.
Among the easiest things we ever learn in this lifetime, and more accurate than 1,000 MD's.
Yep: Poke a finger into any organ or gland point, test other hand. You'll always be correct

Electrical Pollution Proven And Instantly Reversed With Free Supercharging

Electrical pollution has gotten so powerful that you now get to see it and experience proof in a single second.

Merely POINT to any traffic light, refrigerator,
or, worst offender in most homes, point to a fuse box!

300-lb linebackers test weak: They've tried!

When you speak of master tools, true master secrets of the universe,
QRA testing is the center of that foundation that masters work upon.
Shhh. Less talking, more testing. You can spare yourself a second?

No, muscle-testing does not pass double-blind study. Both BDORT and QRA do!

Those who have not done it will try to tell you that QRA is muscle-testing. It's not, it's applied kinesiology.
Based on BDORT (Bidigital O-Ring Test), which is patented, QRA stuns 100 of 100 professionals who see it.
The reason that a QRA test passes all double-blind studies is because QRA tests the body's energetic system.

QRA Testing - Among The Easiest Tasks Of Your Lifetime
The One-Second Energy Test Takes Only A Few Practice Tries

QRA is VERY easy to learn, even without a QRA practitioner to show you.
It takes only SECONDS to get the hang of a one-second energy test.
Naturally, practice makes perfect, and perfect practice makes practice perfect.

You can even teach yourself, easily, how to determine precisely how much nutrition you need.
The 'catch' is that the most accurate test is done with two people. Plus, switching doubles proof.
WHATEVER nutrient or medicament you are deficient or excessive in, QRA testing shows it to you.
There is absolutely no guessing whatsoever, the precision will delight and likely astonish you.
Form no opinions until you personally do at least a pair of QRA tests, to know it yourself.
Every doctor, professor, other "professional skeptic" has been stunned by QRA testing.

One-Second Test shows what foods-drinks make YOU test weak or strong.

The "catch" is that QRA testing requires two people, but that lets you get double-proof.
Your associate tests your O-ring, both 'before and after,' and then you test their O-ring.
As with ANY subject, our opinions are meritless until AFTER significant experience.
No disrespect, this means YOUR opinion also requires suspension before YOU test

AFTER you do a few tests, your opinion means 100x more, true?

Make a circle with your thumb and one of your other fingers,
and firmly resist as someone gently pulls your 'o-ring' apart,
not as a contest of strength between a pair of adversaries,
just to estimate where your 'zero point' is in that o-ring,
(QRA practitioners refer to it as your 'zero point' or your 'baseline' strength)
how much it takes to just barely open your O-ring. That's it.

You Are Halfway Through Your First QRA Test!

Now, holding the food you want to test in a pinching grip with thumb and one fingertip of your other hand,
gently tap what you are testing about 10 times against the table or wall, imitating stress that digestion causes.
(Not banging it, just tap the food against the table, holding it in a 2-finger pinch.Now hold the food away from body.
Test O-ring again. Is it easier or harder to pry your fingers open a bit while you resist?

When it's harder to pry open your O-ring, that means the food can deliver its energy to you.
When it's suddenly easy to pry O-ring apart, the food is polluted by electricity, making you weak.

Remember that this QRA test is testing the energy of the item, NOT how the item will affect you.
To see if you are sensitive to a specific food, simply hold the food at your throat or chest, and test.
There's no need to stress-tap the food, simply hold it close to your body (biofield), & then do the test.
If the O-ring on your other hand is easily opened, then that food CANNOT deliver nutrition to your body.
If something makes you weak just by being near you, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU EAT IT?

Technology Health Route: "Approximately 100% of non-dairy, non-gluten allergies are EMOTION-BASED!"
Each of the numerous life-changing discoveries and developments of MisterShortcut and Dr. Cohen
have each and all been subjected to thousands and thousands of strictly-conducted reliable tests.

Emotional Issues CAUSE and Exacerbate Food allergies! Hundreds of remediations prove it!

It is most likely that you had an unpleasant emotional event occur at a moment you ate that food, maybe long ago.
For example, if you were eating cashews the first time your mom yelled at your dad, your brain connects the two.
Make no mistake: Hearing Mom yell at Dad, a child has no clue of "kiss & make up," the event is a definite trauma!

ALL YOUR LIFE, at least until you correct that trauma w/ supercharging, you'll be sensitive or allergic to cashews (etc).
Dr. Cohen also proved that matching frequencies, as per all that Royal Rife discovered, will also remediate food allergies!

Holding the QVial at your GV20 point, then bringing the food close to you, it reduces your sensitivity to the food.
Doing this 3-5x pr day for 22 days, we've seen a growing number of people erase even long-time food allergies.

This includes but is not limited to allergies formerly severe enough to trigger anaphylactic reactions and shock!
Even minor food sensitivities can be VERY RAPIDLY remediated. Device doesn't heal; it help you heal yourself.

The Technology Health Route and its adherents hold no respect for opinions, including of those claiming expertise.
Respect is reserved only for those claims and theories that stand up to independent and REPETITIVE demonstration.

Since the Technology Health Route notes that ALL humans are allergic or sensitive to dairy, and to gluten, too,
there is no licit expectation that use of QVial will stop these foods from being toxic, although QVials do help:

Toxic is toxic is toxic, and the Technology Health Route urges you to avoid commercial dairy, and to ALL glutens.
Yes, you can use supercharging to perhaps REDUCE the damage done by these things, but 'toxic' means 'toxic.'
Contrary to what you were taught, milk is unhealthy, delivering no form of calcium a human can healthfully use.

Most cheese is 'overnight cheese,' causing hormone storms in the body. Contrarily, aged cheese is quite healthy.
Where new cheese is loaded with lactose, purely bad for humans, over time lactose becomes lactase, which is great.
Whole grains, including oats and whole wheat, macerate and destroy the inner lining of the intestines, for every human.
Surely there's no chance of gleaning long-term health benefit from imitation foods that slowly destroy your intestinal lining.
100 of 100 people who eat flour need to be told that flour + water equals paste.

Cancers And Pre-Cancers - Bidigitally

Cancers and so-called "pre-cancers" all manage to show up when bidigitally tested, even though pH is generally used as an instant (and dirt-cheap) method of assaying inflammation. (Approximately every known disease requires acidic pH to thrive, which is why natural practitioners advise instant reversal with pH balancing by a dozen most-respected methods, ala aloe vera, or aloe arborescence, Okinawan coral calcium, and others).

Bidigitally - Viral Infections

Bidigitally, viral infections are as instantly subject to the test as everything mentioned thus far. Viral infections weaken glands, organs, and tissue. Bigitally, when you test to assay the strength of each organ and tissue (using Dr. Omura's BDORT methods), you have a most winning combination. Your doubt or credibility have no impact on one of the rare perfections encountered in the decades of shaping the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route.

Neither the Plan For Living Success or the Technology Health Route have a dog in the fight beyond identifying and presenting PowerGems, putative secrets and shortcuts that prove both universal or nearly so, and are repeatable. Since MisterShortcut appears to be the first human to read a book or three per day for more than sixteen thousand days, it is both fair and appropriate to say that there has never been such an agglomeration of information and wisdom. Unlike others, MisterShortcut's brilliance was in acknowledging and pursuing more brilliant minds. Who better to learn from than those who are doing it better than you?

When a wise man can repeat an action and consistently get a great result, then there is a way for a little boy or girl of seven, eight, nine years of age to get it just or nearly as well. From chocolate chip cookie recipes to the use of BDORT or QRA, patterns are repeatable in the human experience.

Those of lesser minds cannot understand it, so they are less likely to embrace it and even more likely to repudiate it thoughtlessly.

Any and every universal shortcut that qualifies to be called "PowerGem" or "HealthGem" of the Plan For Living Success or Technology Health Route is just that: UNIVERSAL. Children and idiots can use them, from piano shortcuts to the health secrets of those who enjoy healthier, happier, extended longevity. Every human task has shortcuts. The best of the best are culled down into those that work most efficiently and most often. What remains after all detritus is dusted away are PowerGems and HealthGems. BDORT qualifies on both sides because there are so many separate uses, so many discrete reasons for you to become bidigitally skilled. PROMISE: When you do become bidigitally skilled, you and your loved ones can more accurately assess a thousand things than any MD in the world who is not bidigitally skilled.

BDORT And Environmental Stresses

Even organic and environmental stress factors, technically referred to as "stressors," are immediately measurable, not only to whether it is toxic or beneficial to you, even by how much! Being bidigitally skilled has got to affect at least the quality of your life, for as long as you live, for as long as you remain bidigitally skilled, which pretty much means as long as you can use most of your body naturally, as in arms and legs and fingers working.

The Technology Health Route wants to remind you again, in a wonderful collision with a basic principle of the Plan For Living Success also, that no professional has to be present, which specifically means to you that the professional is not going to want this information disseminated. Individual citizens being bidigitally skilled represents a huge whole in the medical income of people who charge thousands or even many thousands of dollars per hour in the one field above all others where profit ought to be tolerated only within modest limits by any standard.

Because of this financial incentive to make sure that you do not become bidigitally skilled, you can more easily understand why thousands of versions of the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route have been created with many unique features under multiple names -- different schools of thought -- just to be sure that the secrets and shortcut of masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires get delivered unto you. Becoming bidigitally skilled, ESPECIALLY as a child or teen or even young adult, where the years will bring greater and greater expertise in a one-second bidigital test that reveals more information to you than anything else you know. No disrespect, but there is a gaping chasm between your mind and that of MisterShortcut, who could juggle multiple operations on multiple computers for a thousand and more minutes per day AFTER reading a book or two, exercising, suntanning, eating, mixing super-nano drinks to last the day, so you are getting information from the horse's mouth. Only the techniques passed on or otherwise gleaned from masters that are repeatable make it into the Plan For Living Success or into the Technology Health Route. You are being assured with the greatest vigor of discourse that becoming bidigitally skilled yields more than a full degree's worth of information from any college or university in the world.

Because it is, in fact, like handing magical powers to anyone you want, some eighty or ninety percent of us can and will never, ever have a hope of perceiving value in being bidigitally skilled.... until the moment they experience BDORT or QRA. The first time bowls everyone over. The smarter or more educated you are, the more staggered you will be, to understand that ninety=million-dollar machines that might tell you a little of this or that, and leave medical professionals in need of training, knowledge of surgeries and pharmaceuticals, et alia, whereas any human, with graduate education or not quite entering the seventh grade, can learn to tell more about the human body, and its needs, than any thousand medical doctors in the world combined... who are not bidigitally skilled.

You cannot learn less about anything!Becoming bidigitally skilled profits you thousands of times.

Knowing the locations of your acupuncture points and meridians, the information of the human body is immediately revealed to you. It's YOU doing the testing, so it's you obtaining such compelling evidence with each one-second test.

The human body does not lie. It cannot lie, it does not know how.

Nor can you fool the human body very easily. Put something near your heart and have someone else see how much strength it takes to pull your fingers apart when you hold them, well, bidigitally, what you might term "BDORT method."

Tragically, the "catch" that exists in most everything that humans describe as magical, or what scientists describe as "immediately effective," is that the person doing the bidigital testing has to be strong in their own brain point, with respect to the identified AP's, or Acupuncture Points. Because it proves true one hundred percent of the time, scientists have no licit way to defy it, refute it, or argue against it. All else is selfish blather. BDORT is a natural tool and magical secret that every human needs to know, because your body tells the truth.

Peek at just some of what Dr. Omura launched thousands of us into, leading to the QRA Approach of Robert J Marshall and Linda Forbes.

BDORT Capabilities - The Indirect Method

In the Indirect Method of using BDORT, a surrogate, sometimes referred to as an "intermediary," serves, and the patient need not be examined directly. The surrogate (or intermediary) can direct a 5mw modified laser pointer held in his or her right hand at the appropriate Acupuncture Point on any portion of the body while the practitioner or diagnostician performs the BDORT test on the left hand of the surrogate (or intermediary).

Bidigital Websites - Technology Health Route
Don't Stall - Learn QRA Testing W/ A Friend In One Minute!       Megaphotons       Mediaphoton      Mediaphotons     

Remote Application For The Bidgitally Skilled

Remote Application
Dr. Omura claimed that the BDORT procedure is easily performed by an experienced practitioner, where the BDORT is used for a patient over the telephone without physical contact with the patient, again, using a surrogate. The Technology Health Route observes that even children can learn this. It may be that Dr. Omura wanted to keep every facet of being bidigitally skilled within the confines of formal organized medicine to get deeper into the system in order to change it from the inside out. Dr. Omura may have had other reasons. At the end of the day, the Technology Health Route declares BDORT to be a PowerGem unto itself, because it is universal, it does work for approximately everyone who practices as few as one or two or three tries. Becoming bidigitally skilled needs to be a childhood lesson as regular as learning to take out the garbage. Giving credit where it's due, being professionally trained in BDORT, or QRA, is the best way to accomplish what you are about to take in.

Dr. Omura made clear, and proved countless times, that the patient can, for example, hold any substance being evaluated in one hand, a substance being evaluated, while holding the telephone receiver at the bodily location prescribed by the diagnostician. The practitioner then evaluates the muscle strength necessary to separate the interlocked O–rings of thumb and forefinger of each of his or her own two hands, (using an assistant) and employs this data in place of data from standard (face-to-face) BDORT with the patient.[16]

Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method

The Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method is a powerful function of BDORT. BDORT diagnosis and evaluation, used with stimulation of the appropriate acupuncture point, targets either naturopathic, homeopathic, or allopathic medicaments or medications to specific cells or tissues, not least of which are cells in the process of mass profusion, which we call cancer. Dr. Omura claimed that medications have a dramatically reduced uptake effect by non-targeted tissues or cells, thus maximizing the efficacy of the suggested medications at the same time that side effects are minimized.

Typical agenda of a Symposium Featuring Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, Bidigitally Skilled Father Of BDORT
Two patients participate in demonstrations. They are carefully selected from among patients with either chronic or intractable pain, neuromusculor problems, cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Bi-Digital O-Ring Test diagnostic method is demonstrated on these patients. The medication that is identified most closely with benefit for your particular system, or treatment, will be prescribed for the specific health issues of each patient, and if pharmaceutical drugs are to be administered, the Selective Drug Enhancement Method will be used to demonstrate that if it is not used, most of the drug will go to the normal, uninjured part of the body. When the Selective Drug Enhancement Method is utilized, most of the prescribed drug will travel to the pathological area that requires treatment.

Topic: (1) Relationship between the normal cell telomere and cancer cell telomere, and how to accurately measure it. (2) How to measure non-invasively normal cell telomeres, along with the clinical significance of the amount of telomere. How to measure Integrin a ß and Oncogen C-fos Ab2, and their clinical significance as well.

The Bottom Line of Being Bidigitally Skilled

The bidigital test proves accurate immediately. It's comparable to the result of computerizing, or otherwise using technology, to multiply the accuracy of muscle testing, or kinesiology. Where applied kinesiology tests muscle strength, testing bidigitally means you are testing the electrical strength of each organ, gland, or area of tissue. The Technology Health Route repeatedly reminds us all that Dr. Omura's BDORT, as much as the more-developed QRA, does not require discussion, consideration, or any other form of unnecessary blatherskite: BDORT proves instantly, and does it one hundred times of one hundred tries. Nothing in the medical, absolutely nothing known in the medical world approaches one hundred percent accuracy. BDORT does, QRA certainly does.

The accuracy of BDORT is undeniable because it works every time a BDORT tester is present, and is strong on his or her own brain points. Use of the QCI vial for 20 to 30 seconds makes every gland, organ, and even tissue temporarily strong, much stronger than normal, albeit for no more than a matter of minutes, ensuring the accuracy of the BDORT test.

Because it is so fantastically simple, and easy, for anyone aged four to a hundred and four how to become bidigitally efficient using BDORT, known as "pulling BDORT" because the testor simply pulls apart the two fingers that you hold in the shape of a bidigital o-ring. That is the source of the name BDORT - Bidigital O-ring Test. At the end of every new bit of useful information we take in, learning more leads to better decisions.

Since the Technology Health Route is, naturally, already a part of you,
embrace the secrets of the Technology Health Route as a part of your daily life.
Breathe deeply, not in shallow spurts. Drink enough water. Stretch several times per day.

Just about everything in the Technology Health Route is well worth repeating. Here's a great example.
Until you have mastered your corner of interest, researching at the Technology Health Route and beyond,
ALWAYS consult with your primary health care provider before making any changes in medication.
Until you master at least one hundred new facts about what ails you, consult with professionals.
Pharmaceuticals are so dangerous they sometimes cause problems if you stop taking them.
Any physician who reaches for Rx drugs before natural answers cannot be a top doctor.
Always consult WITH a trusted primary health care provider: you must participate!
If you leave your most important health decisions to others, you may well lose.
Allowing others to decide your greatest decisions is the height of stupidity.
Other people cannot be expected to care more for you than for money.
This is a sad and unchanging fact of life. Your life is no exception.
Learning more, you participate intelligently in health decisions.
Learn about what ails you in pursuit of achieving its defeat.
Learning just one hundred facts, your mastery develops.
You can find natural answers to every health challenge.
Every health challenge has 'natural healing' answers.
If you knew better, you would do so much better.
Give attention to those who have, and still do,
living stronger for longer, doing so naturally.

Such is your Technology Health Route.

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Capabilities - The Bottom Line Of Being Bidigitally Skilled

Proof is proof is proof. BDORT immediately proves to be accurate. Bringing a test from five thousand years ago into the present with the use of technology and wisdom serves to dramatically increase the accuracy of muscle testing, or kinesiology.

The accuracy of BDORT is undeniable because it works every time a BDORT tester is present, and is strong on his or her own brain points. Use of the QCI vial for 20 to 30 seconds makes every gland, organ, and even tissue temporarily strong, much stronger than normal, ensuring the accuracy of the BDORT test.

Because BDORT is so magnificently simple, because it is almost ridiculously easy for most humans to learn how to do BDORT, it must be recognized right up front that mainstream medicine is continually pressing back, because people with far more money than you do not want their cash flow interrupted. Wise is the person who learns BDORT, and how to fruitfully apply any of the uses of BDORT. Learn the many reasons why this bidigital o-ring test is such a powerful, utile tool for life.